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Kitty and the Midnight Hour - Carrie Vaughn As soon as I started this book, it reminded me of Coast to Coast AM, which is a late-night radio talk show about the supernatural/conspiracy theories that has run for many years. I occasionally listen to old episodes with Eric (who is a huge fan of cryptids and mythology), but sometimes it is very difficult to suppress the second-hand embarrassment you feel for some of these callers! Not because what they're talking about is inherently wrong, but as Kitty says there's always someone willing to call in and make a fool of themselves.

Her relationship with Carl was crazily unsettling from the start. It's hard to think of it outside of human terms ... since you know, I've never been anything but human. Even Kitty (or really, the author) has to spell it out for the reader:

"I squeezed my eyes shut against tears, looking away even as I felt his breath on my cheek. He was close enough to bite. I nodded, wanting only for him to leave me alone, wanting only for it to stop. If we were human, and this was a human relationship, I'd have been expected to leave him. This was abuse.

After a moment, he wrapped himself around me, holding me tight. He only wanted to take care of me. The Wolf loved him so much."

That scene colored Carl's character for the rest of the book for me (as it should have). Ugh.