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Shadows Return - Lynn Flewelling I'm not going to lie, once Alec and Seregil were kidnapped by slavers, I rushed through the pages hoping to get to the part where they were reunited. I was anxious to see if Alec would escape first to look for Seregil, without knowing that he was leaving him behind and also if he would fall prey to Khenir/Ilar's seduction techniques (being a eunuch, I'm not sure how much he could do, though). I hated his scenes; no matter that Seregil's feelings of anger turned to pity for him, I could not do the same. I wanted him to just go away forever.

I missed Thero and Beka in this novel. I wish that they had been given more than just bare bones (especially concerning Thero's feelings for Klia! What a turn of events.)