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Traitor's Moon - Lynn Flewelling I always enjoy political maneuvering in my fantasy, I love seeing all the plots the characters can foil and then be completely blind-sided by the one they missed. I'm sadistic that way, I guess.

This is our third jaunt with Alec and Seregil. Traitor's Moon picks up about two years after the previous book, where they have finally ~confessed~ to one another. Despite the fact that they've been traveling together, living together and banging the hell out of each other (I assume, since their sex scenes are scanty and only PG before fading to black), they are constantly described in the prose as "friends". This descriptor does not do their relationship justice, though this is not to demean in anyway the strength of platonic friendship. It's just odd that the author uses the term "talimenos" or "lovers" in dialogue and "friends" in descriptive language. It really threw me off every time it happened (and it was sprinkled liberally throughout the novel).

That being said, I will echo another reviewer here: Alec is a saint to put up with Seregil sometimes.

Thero's characterization is my favorite in this novel. I especially liked how we were able to see a little from his point of view. The fact that he referred to Beka, Seregil and Alec as his friends (in his own head) is a HUGE step forward from his first appearance. Although it took Nysander's death to do so, Thero has become a better and more compassionate person. I love this sort of slow character growth, it speaks well of the overall pacing.