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The King of Plagues - Jonathan Maberry I have to say, I really love how the author handles women being in the military and especially in Special Forces. Given the demographic of these types of novels, they're not in the forefront of the story (Major Courtland being the exception), but they are treated with the very same respect that the men are. When 'Circe shoots someone for the first time, Joe does not treat her shock as if she were a delicate flower of a woman - he treats her as if she were a human who just took the life of another. When DeeDee gets slashed by a hostile, it's not because she's a weak woman - it's because the hostile is just that good. He nearly gets the upper hand on the main character, that's how fast he is. We all know that secondary characters rarely have the luck and talents that protagonists do. That's not a sex/gender thing, it's just the way of the literary world. I like that.