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Skulduggery Pleasant  - Derek Landy I will definitely continue the series. Stephanie is an extremely likable protagonist, intelligent and adaptable. She's thrown into a completely new world that has coexisted with her own her entire life, but the author handles it with just the right amount of realism (well, as much as a living skeleton man can be real) to make her and this story relatable to its intended audience. She has doubts, she has flaws, but in the end she is true to herself and her beliefs.

The dialogue between Stephanie and Skulduggery is flawless and full of quips and wit. The way Landy makes it known how difficult it really would be to read expressions/have conversations with someone who has no way of making their feelings known facially is well done. I don't think everyone would have pieced it together the way he did.

I really enjoy the developing relationship between Stephanie and Tanith. I'm hoping they can work together in the future, I'd love some training scenes.