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A Companion to Wolves - Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear This really picked up toward the end, when Isolfr decided to actually do something of his own accord. It got a little hairy in the middle with all the violent mass matings and the metaphorical pissing contests. I didn't read reviews for this one so I was a bit unprepared for all that.

There was a strange "women are people too!" tangent that showed up during Isolfr's second meeting with Tin. I am a little dismayed by the way it was introduced (near the end) and then pretty much dropped immediately after his thoughts were completed.

I liked the way the authors took great pains to emphasize that the wolves, while bonded to the minds of their particular brothers, do not think like people. They could feel their emotions and understand the core of them (anger, sadness, pain), but not really grasp the reasons why said brothers were feeling them. I felt that it was a fairly realistic portrayal of magical wolf-bonding, if such a thing is possible.