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The Devil You Know - Mike Carey I liked the last half of this book far more than I liked the lead up to it. Felix isn't exactly a character that I liked right off the bat, but I warmed up to him by the end. I think what I really enjoyed was his ready willingness to admit his failings, at least to himself. He's talented, but it seems like he gets by with luck and tenacity most of the time

The depiction of Juliet was by far my favourite in my (admittedly small) pool of succubi descriptions in fiction. Carey made sure you had a vague understanding of what she looked like, yes, but it was more important that you felt the sheer impact her of presence and by god, he did a wonderful job. And ending the book the way he did with her? Superb. It actually makes me want to read the second without feeling as if I got cheated by the first.