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Secret Fire - Johanna Lindsey It makes me upset that I liked this book when I was a young, impressionable girl. The heroine is drugged (without the hero's sayso, because that somehow makes it better?) with an aphrodisiac that, of course, makes her hot n' horny. He obliges her needs, because he's such a gentleman. (This is not to mention the second time she's drugged ON HIS ORDERS because she refused to sleep with him again. What chutzpah she has to do such a thing to him!)

He then proceeds to kidnap and sail her to another country, on the off chance that she is actually a lady of influence - his defilement of her could cause a political incident. After being raped, kidnapped, physically and mentally abused by his domineering aunt, the heroine is finally able to return home and mope about never seeing him again, with the added bonus of bearing his child. She does have a moment or two of righteous fury, but they are few and far between and never last nearly as long as he deserves.