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Love Times Three Our True Story of a Polygamous Marriage

Love Times Three Our True Story of a Polygamous Marriage - Joe Darger,  Alina Darger,  Vicki Darger,  Valerie Darger I believe I enjoyed this book mostly because the subject matter interests me so much. The actual writing is only subpar, better in some places than others. I spent the first half of it nominally involved, since a good part of their emotional investment in their plural marriage was only described in the vaguest terms. I understand that putting this book out placed the whole family in a very vulnerable position, but the reader shouldn't have to wait for someone to die before feeling invested in the 'characters'.

Despite these nit-picky bits, I think the Darger family has managed to create a good family dynamic that works for them. They are breath of fresh air in a cloud of oppressive religions (taking their opinions solely at face value), especially with all I've read about Warren Jeffs and his reprehensible leadership of the FLDS.