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Blue Beetle, Vol. 1: Shellshocked - Phil Moy, John Rogers, Duncan Rouleau, Keith Giffen, Cully Hamner, Cynthia Martin Having already read Infinite Crisis, I was already aware of Jaime and his introduction. This gave me a headstart on the readers who pick up issue #1 of Blue Beetle with no prior awareness of his character. I will admit that the starting point is very abrupt; the first issue moves back and forth between past and present in a dizzying manner.

It's taken me several years to read about Jaime, because the previous incarnation of Blue Beetle was my very favorite character as a child and I was devastated by his death (hey, I get emotionally invested in my characters, so sue me). DC has since done itself no favors by its editorial decisions, so I haven't picked up a lot of their titles recently.

Jaime's family is probably one of my favorite things about his character - it's so rare to see a superhero with both parents and siblings and they're not abusive or absentee. His family gives him a lot of support and love after their initial surprise and anger due to his year-long disappearance.