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And Eternity - Piers Anthony After rereading this recently, I am kind of appalled at some of the subject matter that totally slipped by me the first time. The concept that men are pretty much just animals who just barely learn how to control themselves (dancing a very fine line, apparently) from constantly attacking and assaulting women is pretty gross. This is especially true when one of the main female characters gets turned into a man and has to deal with all the ~unchecked passions~.

There is the matter of a "very good man" who has an interest in young girls. I don't believe the character he gets involved with has a stated age, but she is constantly referred to as "young flesh" (which, also gross). And this girl's ghostly "guardians" just encourage the relationship with barely a quibble.

The more I reread this series, the more problems I find. I love the concept, but the execution is leaving me very cold this time around.