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Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire There's a pretty fine line between exposition and throwing the reader headfirst into a fantasy world - you want to have a good balance. Unfortunately, I think McGuire was a bit heavy- handed with the 'telling' and not quite successful enough with the 'showing'.

The first several chapters kept introducing new character after new character, each coming with their own paragraphs of vague backstory and how they related to this particular world. The was it was presented almost felt like a rehashing of another story, as if there had been a previous novel, which was jarring.

I did not connect with the main character and I absolutely hated her "love interest", though it was nice to find out that he was the Big Bad she had been searching for this whole time. What a skeevy, gross character. Apparently he was supposed to be attractive, but my mind glossed over his description in favour of his appalling behavior.

I think my favourite part was when Daye went to see the Luidaeg; her character was the most interesting and one I wouldn't have minded more exposition on. Considering how that meeting ended, I'm sure there will be more sightings of her in future books.