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Stardoc - S.L. Viehl I loved the medical drama of this book, how Cherijo figured out the puzzles of anatomy of a variety of species and her ability to adapt to situations when they became dangerous in order to fulfill her oath as a doctor.

However, her relationship with Kao was severely underdone. They meet once "on screen" and then only a few times afterward (not shown) and suddenly, they're in love? Suddenly, Kao would like to Choose her, as a lifetime mate? It doesn't compute. I didn't feel any sort of emotional attachment between them and barely a sexual one. Her volatile relationship with Dr. Mayer or even the vile Dr. Rogan had more passion than this love affair.

The conflict she has with Reever makes me uncomfortable, to be quite honest. I feel as if he sees her as an experiment in some fashion, a way to learn how to be the human he never quite managed to become, but he seems to also want to possess her in any fashion he can. No doubt their interactions in the oncoming books will elaborate on this and (perhaps!) prove me wrong.

Edit: after having read a few other novels in this series, I hate their relationship even more.