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The Body Farm - Patricia Cornwell

You know, I want to like Lucy. But she still seems to be written like an adult baby. This characterization made sense in the earlier books because she was an overly precocious preteen who had abandonment issues. Now that she's a real adult (twenty-one, how old is Kay now? Does she even age with the rest of them?), it's not a cute look. Hopefully with her plotline resolution at this end of this book

(agreeing to go to and stay in rehab for her alcohol issues)

(show spoiler)

we will see a greater level of adult behavior from her.


Also, does Kay think she is now Queen Elizabeth at Tilbury?


"... I was a woman who was not a woman. I was the body and sensibilities of a woman with the power and drive of a man."


I am bothered by this mentality. Kay identifies as a woman, so she has the drive of a woman. I will concede that she may have the "power of a man", if only because how the patriarchy forms our views of her career (lawyer, doctor, chief).